How It Works
Here are the basic steps to host and execute a Race to End ALS event.
event plan
Create an event plan and a fundraising goal.
fundraising page
Build an online fundraising page and promote the event.
Work on the logistics of planning your event.
host your event
Host your event and fundraise to help end ALS.
The team at ALS TDI can help you with each of the steps described above. Here is a detailed list of what our team can assist with, and what you can expect to do as a host.
What We Do
  • Establish a website with information on the event, online registration and donor tracking system for your event.
  • Set up reoccurring meetings to assist with timeline management, logistics planning and event promotion.
  • Help with contract review, provide a Certificate of Insurance and oversee expense tracking.
  • Provide a save-the-date, invitations, and additional promotional materials.
  • Offer fundraising coaching, sample donation emails, sponsorship ask letters, and more.
  • Promote the event through ALS TDI channels including geo-targeted email blasts, social media posts and inclusion on public events calendars.
  • Provide iPads for event day to help run registration, collection day of donations, and more.
  • Connect you with other Race to End ALS champions to network and exchange ideas.
  • Acknowledge gifts and provide tax receipts for contributions made payable and submitted to ALS TDI.
What You Do
  • Form a committee to help with planning and gather volunteers to assist on event day. Once your committee is assembled, we suggest holding monthly committee meetings and/or calls.
  • Find a location, set the date and determine pricing. The ALS TDI team is happy to provide suggestions and offer their expertise on the matter to help create the most successful event possible.
  • Get the word out to your networks. Send emails, make calls, and promote the event on your social platforms. Ask for local sponsors to support or offer in kind donations to the event.
  • Work on logistics. Evaluate the day of timeline, what time will guess arrive? When will the race begin? Will you serve drinks? Is food included with the price? Will there be a raffle?
  • Execute event day. Recruit a team of volunteers to physically set up the event on the big day, design the layout of the event, run the registration table, etc.

Get Started!
Host your own Race to End ALS Fundraiser with the help of our resources and assistance.
Fundraising Plan & Tips
Having a fundraising plan is essential for successful fundraising.
create a fundraising page
Create a Fundraising Page
Work with ALS TDI's Events Team to set up an online event page.
talk to someone
Talk to Someone
Contact your team at ALS TDI for support in your event planning and fundraising efforts!