“Racing For ALS is about more than just fast cars-It’s about speeding to a cure for ALS!”
- David Lloyd, Jr., co-founder of Racing for ALS
David Quote
Race to End ALS was inspired by David and Scott Lloyd, who founded the Racing for ALS campaign in 2018, following David's ALS diagnosis. Through “Race to End ALS”, we hope to grow their effort and increase funding for ALS research.
Race to End ALS program has raised
Dave's Race 2022 - $219,340.00
Cory's Race 2022 - $32,550.39
Faith's Race 2022 - $7,900.00
All donations go to ALS TDI to discover treatments and cures for ALS.
Other Ways to Get Involved
Donate to an Event
Donate to an Event
Donate to an existing Race to End ALS event, or to the Race to End ALS program, to help fund vital research to end ALS.
Host an Event
Participate in an Event
Whether you simply want attend an event as a spectator, or you're interested in racing your car, we would love to have you participate!
Sponsor an Event
Sponsor an Event
Sponsoring a Race to End ALS event is a great way to demonstrate your philanthropic values and showcase your brand to an engaged community.